Costumes & Songs

Songs for the 2021-2022 Season “Picnic on Ice”


5:30 Snowplow: “Going on a Picnic”
5:30 Level 1: “Apples and Bananas”
5:30 Level 2: “Sunshine Day”
5:30 Level 3:  “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”
5:30 Level 4: “Fishing in the Dark”
5:30 Level 5 & 6: “I Want Candy”
5:30 Pre Free & Free Skate 1: “Trees”
6:30 Snowplow: “Teddy Bear Picnic”
6:30 Level 1: “Fruit Salad Salsa”
6:30 Level 2: “In Summer”
6:30 Level 3: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
6:30 Level 4: “Saturday in the Park”
6:30 Level 5 & 6: “Lovely Day”
6:30 Pre Free & Free Skate 1: “Fireflies”
Opening Number (Free Skate 1 and higher and Crossovers): Walking on Sunshine”
Father/Child (pre-registered Level 3 and Up): “What a Wonderful World” 
Free Skate 2-6 Group (Sunday Class):  “Watermelon Sugar High”
Beginner Performance Line (pre-registered Level 4-Pre Free): “Mr. Blue Sky”
Crossovers: “Ice Cream Freeze”
High Beginner Performance Line (skaters who are in Free Skate 1 or higher and have not yet tested): “Soak Up the Sun”
Bronze Performance Line (skaters who have Preliminary Moves): “Best Day of My Life”
Silver Performance Line (skaters who have passed Pre-Juvenile Moves): “Pocketful of Sunshine”
Gold Performance Line: skaters who have passed Intermediate Moves and Pre-Preliminary Free Skate): “Brighter Than the Sun”
Closing Number (all skaters): “Banana Boat Song”