Online Registration

New for the 2020-2021 season!

Registration for classes will be online. Past members will receive an email with login instructions. New members welcome! Registration opens September 1. Click the Entryeeze symbol.

Costume measurements will be accepted either online or in-person at the MARC on September 15 or 16 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Skaters must be 4 years old as of October 1 to skate this season.  See our Covid-19 information below.

Questions? Email us at:


Online Costume Form Link  (you will need a tape measure)



COVID-19 Club Information 

If you or your skater is feeling ill, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or quarantined, please do not attend figure skating lessons. While on and off the ice, please keep a 6 foot distance between you and anyone who is not a member of your household.


The Smith Center will have a designated IN Door (normal front doors) and designated OUT door (possibly by the Zamboni end of the building) to keep traffic flow limited. Please walk up to the Zamboni end when your child is finished with lessons to escort them safely to your vehicle. 


Please arrive ready to skate at the rink. Put your skates on at home or in the parking lot and walk in with your hard guards on. The building capacity during COVID-19 is limited at the Smith Center per Health Department Guidelines.  To allow our skaters and coaches to have the opportunity to skate, there will not be parents and spectators allowed in the building during lessons. We will have a few board members inside to help and rink monitor. For the younger skaters, one parent may walk them in. Once they are in the building, we ask that parents return to their vehicles and wait there during lessons. You may come back to pick them up when they are finished. Upon completion of lessons, please put hard guards on and exit the building right away. Parents/Guardians should wait in the parking area during lessons and not leave the premises if you have a child in elementary school. 


Basic skill lessons have been reduced to 45-minutes to allow more time between classes to get skaters out of the building and sanitizing. In order to make up this lost time, we are offering lessons on weeks we normally have off for the holidays. (November 25 and December 23)


Everyone who enters the Smith Center is required to wear mask in all areas of the building. Skaters must wear a mask in the building at all times – up until the point that they go onto the ice. Face masks will be worn by coaches/helpers at all times. Once skaters leave the ice, they must put the mask back on again. 


Snow Plow Sam classes will be offered, but only for skaters age 4. (Unfortunately, no 3-year-olds this season due to COVID-19.) The plastic skate helpers will be available if needed to help your child. 


Class size is limited to allow social distancing and to follow guidelines on the number of skaters. You may be asked to change sessions if your class if full at 5:30 or 6:30. We ask that you be flexible. 


We will not be using any soft toys, all toys must be hard surface and able to sanitize. 


We will be limiting our coaches on the ice for each session. With reduced class sizes we will have only one coach per level instead of two. Exceptions will be for any special needs, etc. 


Coaches and helpers will be our high school-aged skaters. We will also have our two professional coaches, and continue to have Interns. (Skaters in Free Skate 1 and higher and not in high school may be asked to be a sub if we know of an anticipated absence of a coach, we will notify you in advance.)


Choreography for the show will not include physical touching- no lifts, holding hands, etc. 


No mandatory parent meeting. Information shared over email. 


Registration online with EntryEeze. Costume measurements can be done virtually or in person. Families only need to attend registration night if they need help with Entryeeze or measuring their child. We will still accept all types of payment, but credit and debit card is the preferred method along with making a partial 50% payment in the event our season is cut short due to the pandemic. 


We are planning for our annual show in February. Costumes will be ordered. Our show may be a short recital where each level comes in for their performance at different times over the show weekend to reduce the number of spectators and people in the building.  We will get more information to you and make a final decision on the show in December.