Merrill Ice Reflections Figure Skating Club

Skaters may hire a private coach (Junior Coach or Professional Coach) who is approved by the Board for generally 15-30 minutes per week. Skaters will pay their coach separately from the club. Please keep in mind, rates may vary from $20-$40 per hour for private lessons, based on the coach’s credentials. Email a coach if interested in setting up private lessons.

If you are not an Advanced Ice Skater (in Basic Skills you will need to still pay for your time on the ice, which is $15/hour. Punch cards are available for 10 hours for $150.

Professional Coaches from outside of MIRFSC may coach, but need to be pre-approved by the Board.

Professional Coaches

Montana Grabowsky


Rate: $39/hr    $9.75/15 min

Montana has passed Senior Moves In the Field, Preliminary Figures, Juvenile Free Skate, Gold Dance, 6 International Dances, Canadian Gold Dance, Senior Solo Free Dance, Senior Partnered Free Dance, Intermediate Pairs, and has coached synchronized skating.  She has 12+ years of teaching basic skills/Learn to Skate and 6+ years of private lesson coaching experience.  She is a professional coach/choreographer and is CER program certified.

Lea Beckman


Rate: $28/hr    $7.00/15 min

Lea has been teaching basic skills for the last 12+ years and 6+ years private coaching. Her credentials include Novice Moves in the Field, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, and Silver Dance. Lea is a professional coach/choreographer and is CER program certified. She also has her Learn to Skate Instructor Card.

Junior Coaches

Madison Altman-Wendt


$20/hour $5.00/15 min

Madison has passed Intermediate Moves in the Field, Preliminary Freeskate, and Bronze Dance. She has been teaching Learn to Skate for 5+ years. Madison is a USFSA certified coach, CER certified, and Learn to Skate certified.

Basic Skill Interns

5:30 Basic Skill Intern

McKenna Meyer

McKenna has passed Novice MIF, all the Silver Dances, and Preliminary Free Skate. She is Learn to Skate Instructor Certified and is a registered USFSA coach. McKenna is a 3 year member of the Timberline High School Team and a Junior Coach at Timberline. 

5:30 Basic Skills Intern

Kambyl Mattke

I began skating at the age of 6 and fell in love with the programs offered through MIRFSC.  Not only am I part of the Merrill Ice Reflections Figure Skating Club, I skate for Timberline Club’s High School Team. 

I’m in my junior year of high school. As I look back, I realize just how helpful the MIRFSC coaches have been throughout my years of skating.  Now, I want to offer the same helpfulness to incoming skaters who wish to further their skill levels.

6:30 Basic Skills Intern

Chloe Belant

Chloe skates for both MIRFSC and Timberline Figure Skating Club. I am currently on Silver Ice Dances and working on my Juvenile Moves patterns. I have been teaching LTS for 3 years now, but I joined figure skating when I was 6 years old. I plan to continue my skating career after high school. I want to attend a college with a collegiate skating group to further my skills and continue testing so I can teach others and help them along their skating journey too!


6:30 Basic Skills Intern

Brooklyn Kraegenbrink

Brooklyn has been a Learn to Skate coach for 5 years for Merrill Ice Reflections Figure Skating Club.  She has passed Novice MIF, Preliminary Free Skate, Silver Dances, and Juvenile Pairs. She has competed at Badger State Games, Eau Claire, Tomahawk, Rhinelander, Black River Falls, Eagle River, State Games of America, and Fond Du Lac. She is also a member of the Timberline High School Team for 3 years. She is Learn to Skate certified and a registered USFSA coach. 

Professional Coach Criteria

  • 18 years old and graduated from high school.
  • Coached and choreographed.
  • Minimum credentials: Silver Dance, Novice Moves in the Field, Pre-Juvenile to Juvenile Free Skate.
  • Must be USFSA certified and insured.

Junior Coach Criteria

  • 16+ years old
  • Must be a USFSA compliant coach.
  • Must have been an Intern or Crossover Coach with our club for a minimum of one year.
  • Must have been a member of MIRFSC for a minimum of three years.
  • Will be required to volunteer 1 hour during Basic Skills.
  • Can coach private lessons during Advanced Ice for a maximum of 3.5 hours per week. (If Junior Coach is still in high school is required to purchase advanced ice for themselves for 1 hour per week.)
  • If still in high school, they can be a part of the show in their normal advanced numbers.
  • Will not be paid if they choreograph their own number for the show.
  • Will not choreograph numbers for the same age peers unless the Pro directs this.
  • Will not be allowed to coach private lessons during the show practice weeks unless one of their skaters has a solo in the show.
  • Will be eligible for the scholarship if graduating from high school.
  • Minimum credentials: Preliminary Free Skate, Pre-Bronze Dance, and Juvenile Moves in the Field.

Intern Coach Criteria

  • 16 years old
  • Active member of MIRFSC for three years.
  • Basic Skill volunteer coach for three years and will continue to volunteer one hour per week.
  • Passed Preliminary Moves and Pre-preliminary Freestyle test.
  • If there are more qualified applicants than open position(s) then the position will be made available to the oldest grade applicant(s).
  • Job Duties include: testing levels through Free Skate 2, assisting the Pro Coach, and fill in for Pro Coach in case of absence.

Crossover Coach Criteria

  • 16 years old
  • Active member of MIRFSC for three years.
  • Basic Skill volunteer coach for three years (Seniority is given to the instructors that have been in the Club the longest.)
  • Passed Preliminary Moves and Pre-Preliminary Freestyle.
  • Must be at least two levels above the highest Crossover Skater.