Rink Monitor


Full and Associate members, as well Crossover parents are required to rink monitor. The number of hours required to rink monitor will be divided amongst the number of skaters enrolled for that season.  We will use the Volunteer Requests in Entryeeze website to sign parents up for rink monitoring. Once we inform you what you need to sign up for, you will go into Entryeeze and select your dates and times.  Parents with multiple skaters will have to do multiple nights; all nights must have a rink monitor.  If you do not fulfill your rink monitor duties for the season, you skater will be considered a member not in good standing. You would need to pay $20 per hour that you did not volunteer to become a member in good standing again.

Rink monitor will take attendance and monitor skaters on the ice during Crossovers and Advance Ice Times. Rink monitor will make sure skaters are not on their cell phones or eating on the ice. Provide ice pack or other first aid if needed, and call parent if skater is injured. In the event of an accident, the Rink Monitor will fill out accident reports if needed (located in the rink monitor binder.) At the end of the session, the rink monitor will ensure the CD player, iPod, iPad, cords, white bag, and other skating items are out of the hockey box and locked in the cupboard inside the multi-purpose room. Please check that the Warming Room #5 cupboard is also locked. Rink Monitor will ensure all our skaters are picked up from the MARC at the end of the session.

Rink monitor sign up is under “Volunteer Requests” with Entryeeze. You will get an email reminder two days before your scheduled duty.