Advanced Skaters

Advanced skaters in Levels Free Skate 2 and higher may use 2 hours per week of the ice for practicing their skills. The cost is $480 which covers the 2 hours of ice per week during our season. Membership Fee is $20. Advanced ice time is available from 7:30-9:30 pm on Wednesdays or 6:00-7:00 AND 8:00-9:00 pm on Sundays during our season. Skaters may choose to do 1 hour on both nights or all 2 hours on one night.

We will be offering the Free Skate 2-6 class again this year.  This is open to skaters in Free Skate 2 thru Free Skate 6. The cost of this program is $180 for the season, $20 membership fee, and $50 costume. This class will meet on Sundays from 7:10-8:00 p.m.

Advanced skaters (Free Skate 2 and higher) are required to volunteer coach for at least 1 hour during the club’s Learn to Skate program on Wednesday nights. If the volunteer coach commitment can not be fulfilled on Wednesdays due to religion classes or a job, there may be an opportunity to volunteer on Sunday nights. See our Basic Skills Coordinators Becky Rindt or Laurie Jacoby.

Coaches Meetings (for all volunteer coaches, interns, and professional coaches) will be held throughout the season. The first meeting will be in October at the MARC to go over coaching assignments, show songs, and choreography.

Advanced Skaters may hire a private coach who is approved by the Board for generally 15 or 30 minutes per week. Skaters will pay their coach separately from the club. Please keep in mind, rates may vary from $20-$30 per hour for private lessons, based on the professional coaches credentials, see your coach for their fees. Currently, our club has a couple approved professional coaches, Montana Grabowsky and Lea Beckman. Professional Coaches from outside of MIRFSC may coach, but need to be pre-approved by the Board. Outside coaches that are already pre-approved for private lessons on Advanced Ice include Heather Johnson and Leah Johnson. See our bulletin board for a listing of Junior Coaches who are eligible to give Private Lessons in our club.

Skaters will have the opportunity to purchase ice time in addition to the 2 hours a week at a rate of $15 an hour, or a Punch Card with 10 hours of ice time for $150. Please pay the Club Treasurer or pay the Rink Monitor on duty. Advanced Skaters and Crossover Parents are required to Rink Monitor at least one night and possibly more depending on the number of Advanced or Crossover Skaters. A $100 Rink Monitor Deposit will be collected from all Advanced and Crossover Parents prior to the first time on the ice. Please pay at Fall Registration with a separate check for $100 made payable to MIRFSC. A schedule will be determined and parents may sign up for the various nights. Parents with multiple skaters will have to do multiple nights, all nights must have a rink monitor. If you are unable to do your Rink Monitor night, you must find a replacement or forfeit your $100.