The Happiest Place on Ice!

Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.


Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 1:00 p.m.

at the MARC 


Show Ticket prices are TBD for 2024.  3 years old and younger are free. Advance Tickets are sold during our figure skating sessions on Sundays and Wednesday evenings and during normal business hours at the Merrill Chamber of Commerce.

Purchasing a Live Stream Link will also be available. Please purchase at least 30 minutes before each show to ensure you receive the link in time.


Skating groups for the show will be determined by the second week of skating so the costumes can be ordered in time for the show. Skaters will be allowed to advance in their levels, but when show practice starts they will be with their show group.


Parent Volunteers are needed! Please consider helping make our show a success by signing up for a volunteer opportunity.  Thank you!

     Warming  Room Moms

     Parking Cars

     Ticket Takers

     Selling Programs

     Spot Lights

     Painting Show Decorations


Skaters are not allowed to have glitter hair spray or any glitter products in the warming rooms for the show. If you choose to have glitter in your skaters hair it must be applied at home before coming to the MARC.  Absolutely no bobby pins will be allowed in hair due to the safety of all skaters on the ice. Lost bobby pins are a major trip hazard on the ice.

Static guard should be applied outside of the warming rooms or at home if it is needed on a costume. Please use aerosols/hairspray sparingly in the warming rooms. Hair should be done at home, only in the event of a costume /hair change for the show if in multiple performances. Too much spraying of hair spray in a warming room will not be allowed due to the lack of ventilation in the small area.

Please send a blanket and activities (coloring books, board games, cards) for your child while they are waiting in the warming rooms. NO cellphones or electronics are allowed in warming rooms.  NO food or candy is allowed in the warming rooms. Only water is allowed in the warming rooms to protect the costumes. Skate guards must be worn at all times in the warming rooms.

Skaters who need to costume change will be using pop-up changing tents provided and the individual bathroom located inside the warming room.


Basic Skills in the Show

Basic Skills: Each class will have a separate routine for the show.   Snow Plow thru Free Skate 1 as well as Crossovers.

Beginner Performance Line: A skating routine open to skaters in Levels 4-Pre Free. Sign-up is required at Fall registration.  Practice begins when we begin Show Practice Schedule.  The costume will  be the show themed t-shirt and black pants.

Father/Child: Open to skaters in Levels 3 and up.  There is no maximum number of skaters. (The 2025 show will feature Mother/Child). The costume will be determined by Show Committee. Practice begins when we begin Show Practice Schedule.

Closing Number: This includes every skater! (Only one practice time for the whole group on the Friday night of dress rehearsal in February. Advanced Skaters begin practicing during Show Practice.)

Advanced Skaters in the Show

Opening Number: Advanced and Crossovers. (Wear show themed t-shirt and black pants.)

Closing Number: All skaters! (Advanced practice begins when we begin Show Practice Schedule in January.)

High Beginner Performance Line: Skaters who are in Free Skate 1 or higher that have not yet tested free skate or moves.  An additional $60 costume is required.

Free Skate 2-6 Class: Skaters who are in the Sundays 7:10-8:00 pm class. $60 costume required.

Dance Number: Skaters that have tested, or will test this season and are working with a private coach on a dance number. (Ex. Dutch Waltz, Fiesta Tango, Fourteen Step, etc.)

Bronze Performing Line: Skater has passed Pre-Preliminary to Preliminary Moves.

Silver Performing Line: Skater has passed Pre-Juvenile to Juvenile Moves.

Gold Performing Line: Skater has passed Intermediate to Senior Moves and Pre-Preliminary Free Skate.

Sophomore Solos: Tenth-grade year.  Sophomores can choose to do a duet or solo. If you do not have a private coach to help you one will be available for Show Practice.

Badger State Solos: Freshmen and Juniors who compete a solo at Badger State Games may perform it in our annual show.

Senior Solo: Twelfth-grade year.  Seniors may choose a duet or solo.

Please note that the criteria will be assessed each year by the Board to see if any changes need to be made. The Show Committee at its discretion may decide to add a skater(s) to a certain show number/dance if necessary to fill out that number even if a skater has not met the criteria.