Our club is run by 100% volunteers. All board members and show committee members are volunteers. Our skating club and show would not be possible without the great support from our volunteers!


Two female chaperones are needed in our female skater warming rooms backstage at each show beginning 60 minutes before the show. Chaperones must stay in the warming rooms with the skaters the entire time and help prepare skaters for their skating performance. Per USFSA regulations, each chaperone will need to complete Safe Sport Training and pass a background check. The club will reimburse chaperones for the background check fee.  Sign up to help at Fall Registration.

Pop-Up changing tents will be available backstage for costume changes.

Backstage Rooms include:

Snowplow/Level 1 (boys and girls)

Level 2-3 (girls only)

Level 4-6 (girls only)

Middle School (girls only)

High School (girls only)

Boys Levels 2 and up may watch the show for free as we do not have a warm room available for them backstage.


Parent volunteers are needed to help parking cars beginning 1 hour prior to each show up until the start of the show. Parents who volunteer for this will be given a free show ticket.  Sign up to help at Fall Registration.


Two volunteers are needed at each show to sell our programs in the lobby.


Two volunteers are needed at each show to run the lights up on the scaffolding.


Two volunteers are needed at each show to take tickets and mark hands at the door.


The Show Committee will purchase the decorations for the show. Parents may volunteer to help with the creation during skating lessons at the MARC. Duties include painting and constructing. Senior or Junior Line Skaters who would like any props or prop reimbursement in their Performance Line must submit a written request to the MIRFSC Board for approval.

Decorating will take place on the Saturday of the show at 11:00 am at the MARC. Advanced Skaters and their parents are required to help with decorating and putting up the felt, arch, and lights. They are also required to help with the taking down on Sunday after the last show.