Our club is run by a nine-member board of parents who volunteer. Annually, three positions are up for election at our Annual Meeting held in March. Board members serve a three-year term. Officers of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected by the Board at the June Board meeting. Monthly meetings at a minimum of nine months per year are held at agreed upon times and places by the Board members.


2020-2021 Board Members

Becky Rindt

Vice President
Melissa Meyer

Jessica Belant

Kelly Kraegenbrink

Regular Board Members
Jodi Turner, Leah Zastrow, Kendra Osness, Sara Schmidt, and Laurie Jacoby

Basic Skills Co-Coordinators
Becky Rindt, Sara Schmidt, and Laurie Jacoby

Show Committee 
Becky Rindt, Bridie Maas, Kelly Kraegenbrink, Brenda Rasmussen, Jessica Belant, Laurie Jacoby, Melissa Meyer, Leah Zastrow, Michelle Krueger, Amber De Rizzo, Lea Beckman and Montana Grabowsky.